Cars are a pride and joy for many, but sometimes other commitments can keep you away from finding the time to clean your vehicle. Be it work, school run or other, choosing the right time to clean your car can be a hassle. At Nicks Professional Valeting we offer first-class and stress-free mobile car valeting in Leicestershire to ensure that all with a vehicle in their possession can drive in fresh, clean conditions. Whether your car needs a minor or major clean, we can make sure it looks and smells great.

Cleaning cars at fixed prices to ensure customers can have luxury cleaning support at a much lower cost.

For over 15 years we have been helping customers with our professional car cleaning in Leicestershire and been praised for the results. During that time we have also had a great build up of experience and are confident we can take on all sorts of cleaning requirements when it comes to tackling the conditions of a car.

No matter if you require exterior car cleaning, interior valeting or both in Leicestershire, we can make sure you are fully supported by our expert cleaners.

Always maintaining a professional service and exceeding expectations of mobile car valeting services in Leicestershire and beyond.

Not only do we offer years of experience, but as a mobile valeting service in Leicestershire we can be at your location as soon as possible. Whether you’re a local or visiting the area, we can make sure you are met with professional customer service.

From wheel cleaning to leather treatments, odour elimination and more, we can ensure your car is cleaned to the highest standards.

To receive a free quote, don’t hesitate to speak to us directly or send any additional enquiries via our website.


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