Braunstone Town

Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the most effective mobile car wash services in Braunstone Town.

Nicks Professional Valeting is more than just a simple car wash service. We go above and beyond to ensure you can get the most out of your investment in a first-class mobile valeting service in Braunstone Town.

Benefit from exterior and interior car valeting for the best of both worlds.

Why pay luxury costs for a simple exterior clean at an automatic car wash, when you can have your exterior and interior cleaned for a much more economical price by a personal team?

When it comes to car valeting in Braunstone Town, we offer a vast number of services that come at competitive costs to ensure that you can have an attentive service at a much lower rate.

Regardless of whether you need a minimum clean of your car or maximum cleaning support from our professional cleaners, we can make sure your vehicle is given the attention it deserves to ensure you can be proud to drive it through the area and beyond.

Enjoy a fresh smelling, clean car ready for any occasion.

We can focus on cleaning anything from the wheels to the leather seats, as well as remove lingering odours that you simply can’t seem to remove yourself. Whichever services you require of our exterior and interior valeting in Braunstone Town, we’ll make a large effort to ensure you are happy with the quality of your car after the clean.

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